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The famous and talented Tamil actor Ajith Kumar was born on the day of the laborers, i.e. on 1st of May in the year 1971. Tamil is the language of the state of Tamilnadu of India. Tamil/Kollywood is one of the biggest film industries in India. As Ajith Kumar has become one the main and leading actors of the Tamil film industry we can be sure of his greatness in acting. His acting is so realistic that anyone who watches his movies once will become his fans. The talents he has in acting made him a big hero even in Tollywood, the film industry of Andra Pradesh that is another state of India. Only an actor like Ajith can be equally famous in two such great film industries at a time. It is to be noted that Ajith has proved himself so successful amidst many other well experienced actors of both the film industry. He has fans not only Tamil Nadu and Andra Pradesh but also in the other southern states of India like Kerala and Karnataka.

Ajith won the “Best New Face Award” for his Telugu movie Prema Pustakam in 1992 which hit the Telugu box office. Amaravathi was the first lead role film of Ajith in Tamil in which he featured a humiliated hero. The film Aasai was released in 1995 and he won the “Film Fare Best Movie Award South” in the year of its release itself. It was a stepping stone in his career. His movie Kadhal Kottai made him very busy in the Tamil film industry and he never had to turn back. From then he was matched with all the main and new actresses of the industry. His heroines were lucky that they also got fame by acting with him.

His dual role in Vaali gifted him with the “Film Fare Best Actor Award” in Tamil in 1999. Ajith’s other famous and hit movies are Mughavari, Kandukondein Kandukondein, Amarkalam and Dheena. His film Citizen awarded him the “Film Fare Best Actor Award” and his unforgettable role in Villain was also considered for the same. He has also proved himself a good driver in Formula Three Race.

The two upcoming movies of Ajith Kumar are Asal and Mallika I Love You in which Nayanthara is his heroine. His previously released movie Billa, Kireedam, etc. are remarkable ones. His talents and good heart made him win the heart of the famous actress Salini too.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

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Texas Holdem Strategy

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Choose Your Birthday Party Theme!

Choose Your Birthday Party Theme!

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