Friday, July 27, 2007

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Friday, July 20, 2007

FastAlerts - The Ultimate Online Communication Tool

Fastalerts is an online communication tool that joins the powers of SMS, email and voice call to help you be in touch with your staff, friends and family with just the click of a button. The interface used by fastalerts is the most advanced and its a complete web 2.0 application. The user experience of the website is really good. Take a look at it by visiting

Using the application you can

  • Create and maintain a list of members online
  • Add them to different groups in a tree structure and maintain hierarchy
  • Select individual users or groups and send them SMS/email/voice call

The usage costs are the lowest in the industry. For a preview you will get a limited free account also here. So what are you waiting for, Register now.

MOBUNIVERSE- The Mobile Portal- for mobile softwares and mobile themes

Mobuniverse basically provides a place for all latest info about mobile phones including Mobile themes, wallpapers, ring tones and reviews. One must checkout for latest mobile softwares, themes, wallpapers and ring tones.

If you have a Nokia phone there are a lot of customizations and modifications you can do to your phone. Nokia is trying to do changes on your phone as easy as possible for the user and they have succeeded in this task. It can however sometimes be hard to find the things that you want for your phone and this is where sites specialized in Nokia mobiles customizations comes in. Things like mobile ring tones are available everywhere but the amount of ring tones can sometimes make it hard to find the ringtone you want. Our site has a lot of information for Nokia owners are Mobuniverse. Not only do we have everything you want for your Nokia hone, including mobile themes, but we also have a lot of mobile reviews about different phones. As most Nokia phones are based on the symbian softwares you will also find a lot of useful stuff for phones using Symbian. If that was not enough they also have different ring tones available for your phone and they are organized in a way that make sit easy for you to find the ring tone you are looking for.

We are one of the Largest and Most reliable Web-Portal for Mobile phone Softwares, games, wallpapers, and themes.

Some nokia mobile softwares available are: Accounting Software, Chromatography software CAE and IT Services.

It has the largest collection of Nokia symbian series 60 mobile themes. This site contains the largest collections of nokia themes so that you can go and make your phones more creative and attractive with the whole new wonderful themes. Also all types of new mobile phones are reviewed.
like many others, found myself in the need for mobile software and that's when the internet comes in hand. A person who is very active always come back looking for more software that suits their needs. Fortunetely, these sites usually have their softwares divided into categories by the brand of the phone, operating system and so on.

It is an informative & useful site for all kinds of software lovers. It has quality software download links & a variety of categories to choose from. I think it should be recommended to all IT geeks.

Very rarely you come across an IT site, which caters to the industries, really great software downloads. Real fun to have access to all software of various industries in one site.

One can easily download free games on your handset using this site. You could get all latest mobile softwares here since they are updated daily.
Thus it is recommended to all those who want to experience first hand information on mobiles on varied topics.


Hello friends,
321iPhone. - the iPhone fan site . Here in this site it will give you all the information about the revolutionary new iPhone from the makers of the worlds finest and most liked Hand held music player maker-I Pod – The Apple corporation .

Go through the following sections to get all the latest informations about the apple iPhone. - The review

As you can see in the site, its a nice site. I like to see this site due to its advantages.

We are reviewing the bollywood gossips – which is a website to gain information about the different types of stories and gossips happened in the bollywood.It gives not only the information from the bollywood.It will also give the story from Hollywood,Malayalam film industry,Tamil,Telengu,sports and politics. You can even got the photos of the celebrities from the site. This site has exactly what I was talking about in that it is a personally managed and has the contact information on the homepage along with a picture that shows credibility in my book!

At first glance of the website, it is very clean looking with a white background that makes the header and category sections very visible to viewers. The font size is perfect as the words seem to flow without interruption to the reader. The layout is nice in the fact that some of the different types of services are available in the right side of the header for easy access. All in all, this site gets an A for having the right elements to be considered very user friendly. I believe that this personally managed bollywood site will do very well says me. I wish you great success!